​​Valley of Philadelphia Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite 

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New Membership is our first priority in the Valley of Philadelphia. We believe it when we say that our Valley is 'Pennsylvania Freemasonry's Best Kept Secret,' and we believe that 'secret' should be shared! We welcome all Philadelphia region Master Masons to petition for Degrees and Membership.

The requisite qualifications for the Scottish Rite Degrees are; that the petitioner shall be an affiliated Master Mason in good standing. His Symbolic Lodge membership does not have to be in Pennsylvania, although it must be in a Jurisdiction in Fraternal Amity with the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, Free and Accepted Masons.

Scottish Rite Degrees provide a better understanding of the meaning of Freemasonry and its basic principles through the use of drama. The Degrees emphasize time-tested moral lessons and virtues, which make man worthwhile and the world a better place to live. The teachings of the Scottish Rite are based upon truths which have been studied through the ages by Masonic characters and leaders. The Rite is willing to share its knowledge with those Brethren who become members of the Valley.

Scottish Rite membership will enlarge your circle of Masonic friendships. 

Through its benevolence, Scottish Rite not only assists the members in distress, but has established programs designed to benefit all mankind. 

Long an international organization, the Rite continues to work for better understanding among nations and a just and peaceful world. 

Ready to become one of us? Click on the button below to get Page 1 of the printable petition. Once you have printed Page 1, click on the button for Page 2. The petition forms are in portable document format (pdf). You will need a pdf reader to open and read them. If you do not have a pdf reader, you can download one for free by visiting www.adobe.com 

ATTENTION CANDIDATE RECOMMENDERS: Please be sure that your Candidate signs the OATH OF FEALTY on Page 2.